Electrical System in Factory Construction | By ONE KARAKADA

The electrical system is crucial in the construction of factories. It is necessary to plan various electrical systems comprehensively and appropriately according to the size of the factory being constructed, as well as the machinery and equipment to ensure optimal functionality.

Thus, it is essential to have electrical engineers to design and supervise the work, ensuring that the electrical system complies with standards and is safe and functional.

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Electrical Systems in Factory Construction

The installation of electrical systems in factory construction is of paramount importance as it impacts the safety and efficiency of the factory’s operations. Typically, the installation of electrical systems in factories is divided into three main stages:

1.Electrical System Design

  • In this stage, electrical engineers design the entire electrical system of the factory, considering factors such as the size and type of factory. For factories with large machinery, a higher power electrical system is required compared to smaller factories.
  • The types of machinery and electrical equipment used in different factories must also be considered, as they require different voltage and current levels.
  • Lastly, safety standards must be adhered to, ensuring the electrical system is designed to meet the prescribed safety regulations.

2.Electrical System Installation

  • Once the electrical system design is complete, electricians will install the system according to the plans, ensuring safety and proper functionality.

3.Electrical System Testing

  • After installation, electricians will test the system to ensure it operates correctly and safely.

Components of Electrical System Installation

Main Electrical System

  • The main electrical system of a factory receives power from the regional electricity authority or from backup generators. It distributes power to the various sub-electrical systems within the factory.

Sub-Electrical Systems

  • These systems supply power to specific machinery and electrical equipment. They include electrical control panels (MCCB) used for control and protection.

Grounding System

  • The grounding system prevents hazards from electrical leaks by directing stray currents safely to the ground.

Lightning Protection System

  • This system protects the factory from lightning damage by channeling lightning currents safely to the ground.

Backup Electrical System

  • The backup system provides power in case of a failure in the main electricity supply or primary generator.

Precautions for Electrical System Installation in Factory Construction

  • The electrical system must be designed by skilled electrical engineers.
  • Installation must be carried out by licensed electricians.
  • The system must be inspected and tested before use.
  • Regular maintenance of the electrical system is necessary.

Installing an electrical system in a factory requires comprehensive knowledge and experience to ensure efficient and safe operation for all users.

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