Safety & Health

Our company is committed to providing excellent and sustainable construction management services that prioritize the occupational safety and health and the healthy workplace of all employees, contractors and visitors.

Our company has established the following Safety Policies for Occupational Healthy Workplace.

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Safety in the workplace is our top priority.


Our company always maintains a safe and healthy work environment.


Our company always encourages safety activities that help create safety awareness for all employees within the organization such as weekly safety training.


All supervisors must be good safety role models for all employees.


The well-being of our staff, co-workers and company property is paramount in our work activities.


Our staff members are committed to ensuring a clean and safe work environment at all times. They follow strict hygiene protocols and keep the premises organized and tidy.


The Company Occupational Health & Safety Program is a valuable resource for employees to improve their well-being and comfort at work. Employees are encouraged to join the program and share their ideas or feedback on how to enhance workplace ergonomics and employee health.

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All workers have been screened by the Thai Royal Police and have sucessfully passed their criminal record checks before working on any ONE KARAKADA project