Why are Engineers Important in Construction? | By ONE KARAKADA

Engineering is crucial in construction. Applying engineering principles to ensure the success of construction projects reduces risks and prevents potential issues during construction. Therefore, experts in various engineering fields are required to supervise, manage, and inspect the quality to meet the specified standards.

Engineers play a vital role in construction and must hold a professional engineering license in Thailand. This license, issued by the Council of Engineers, allows individuals to practice as professional engineers.

Currently, the enforcement of the Engineers Act of 1999 includes the following branches of controlled engineering: 1. Civil Engineering 2. Mining Engineering 3. Mechanical Engineering 4. Electrical Engineering 5. Industrial Engineering 6. Environmental Engineering and 7. Chemical Engineering.

These are categorized into four levels:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Associate Engineer
  • Special Associate Engineer

Therefore, selecting a company to handle construction is very important. At Nuengkarakada Co., Ltd., we have a quality team in both architecture and engineering, with all required professional licenses. Our company currently builds GMP-standard factories, factories, and pre-engineered warehouses.

Why are engineers important in construction?

In factory construction, the supervising engineer is crucial. They have technical knowledge and expertise, enabling them to plan, design, and control operations to ensure the construction project meets its goals.

Additionally, engineers act as intermediaries between clients and teams, ensuring effective communication and work efficiency. They oversee and inspect the quality of ongoing work to ensure it meets the specified standards and efficiency.

Construction is complex and risky, requiring technical knowledge and expertise to complete projects successfully. Therefore, having engineers in construction is essential.

Roles of Engineers in Construction

Planning and Design

Engineers play a key role in planning and designing construction projects, from structural calculations and design, selecting appropriate materials, and scheduling, to ensure the project proceeds systematically and efficiently.

Project Control and Management

Engineers oversee and manage projects by preparing work plans, inspecting quality, managing resources, and ensuring safety so the project follows the plan and mitigates potential risks.

Problem Analysis and Resolution

Engineers are skilled in analyzing and solving project issues, whether technical problems, testing and verifying structural reliability, or adjusting plans as necessary.

Communication and Mediation

Engineers serve as intermediaries between clients and teams, providing accurate information and fostering understanding among all parties.

Safety Inspection

Engineers are responsible for project safety inspections, from planning accident prevention systems, assessing various risks, and ensuring the project complies with safety standards.

Thus, having engineers in construction is necessary to ensure projects proceed safely, efficiently, and achieve the set goals.

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