Risk Management in Construction Projects | By ONE KARAKADA

In the dynamic realm of construction, the adage “where there’s investment, there’s risk” holds true. Just like any venture, construction projects are inherently susceptible to unforeseen challenges and potential setbacks. However, by embracing effective risk management strategies, project stakeholders can navigate these uncertainties with greater confidence and steer projects towards successful completion. Risk Management: A […]

BOQ: A Crucial Element in Construction Projects | By ONE KARAKADA

In the realm of construction, the term “BOQ” stands for “Bill of Quantities.” It’s a comprehensive document that outlines the details of a construction project, encompassing the scope of work, the quantity of materials required, and the associated costs. BOQ serves as a roadmap for all parties involved, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficient project execution. […]

Selecting Environmentally Friendly Building Materials | By ONE KARAKADA

The quest for environmentally friendly building materials is a critical aspect of modern architecture and construction, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. The selection process, guided by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), focuses on minimizing environmental impact throughout the material’s lifespan. Utilizing recyclable materials is a cornerstone of this approach, ensuring that resources are […]

Laws and Standards in Construction | By ONE KARAKADA

In the construction industry, beyond the competition for service quality, another crucial factor that builds client confidence is adherence to laws and standards set by governmental authorities at every stage of the construction process. Laws and standards related to construction are essential for all construction business operators to ensure projects are safe, of high quality, […]

A merit-making ceremony to commorate One K’s 15th Anniversary.

One Karakada Co., Ltd. has indeed marked a significant milestone, celebrating 15 years of excellence in the construction industry. This achievement reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. The merit-making ceremony is not only a cultural tradition but also a symbol of the company’s gratitude and respect for its roots and the […]

The Importance of Safety in Construction Work | By ONE KARAKADA

In the construction service industry, while providing high-quality services to satisfy customers is crucial, another essential aspect is workplace safety. Safety is paramount in construction services. Given the inherent risks of accidents during construction work, emphasizing a robust safety system is essential. Workers must prioritize and adhere to safety measures to minimize accident risks and […]

Water Supply and Wastewater Systems in Factory Construction | By ONE KARAKADA

In previous articles, we discussed the design and structural planning, as well as electrical systems, in factory construction. Another critical aspect that requires appropriate design is the ‘water system.’ The planning of water supply and wastewater systems, including drainage pipes and wastewater treatment processes, is crucial. These systems must be designed and planned in advance […]

Electrical System in Factory Construction | By ONE KARAKADA

The electrical system is crucial in the construction of factories. It is necessary to plan various electrical systems comprehensively and appropriately according to the size of the factory being constructed, as well as the machinery and equipment to ensure optimal functionality. Thus, it is essential to have electrical engineers to design and supervise the work, […]

Benefits of using a Total Station in construction. | By ONE KARAKADA

The construction industry has significantly evolved with the integration of technology, making construction tools and equipment indispensable for enhancing efficiency and accuracy. One such essential tool is the Total Station, commonly referred to as the ‘surveying instrument’ in its early days. Importance of Total Station in Construction A Total Station is an electronic/optical instrument used […]

Why are Engineers Important in Construction? | By ONE KARAKADA

Engineering is crucial in construction. Applying engineering principles to ensure the success of construction projects reduces risks and prevents potential issues during construction. Therefore, experts in various engineering fields are required to supervise, manage, and inspect the quality to meet the specified standards. Engineers play a vital role in construction and must hold a professional […]